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Wealth Management

Our Investment Philosophy​

What sets us apart from others is our unparalleled expertise in both liquid and illiquid asset classes, including fixed Income, natural resources, extensive experience in equity markets, and our strong focus on private markets.

Our multi-manager approach stands out due to its flexibility. This means that tactical moves can be implemented quickly and that managers and investments can be selected or deselected based on the market outlook and cycle.


Building on this approach, our selection process leverages our long-term relationships in the wealth management industry and the deep network that we have built over the years.


Macro-economic analysis: the economy determines long-term financial markets and global macroeconomic picture helps assessing investment decisions.

Top-down asset allocation: We build our portfolios based on the economic environment and allocation between major asset classes. For bonds, we consider government – corporate, investment grade – high yield allocations; For equities, we take into account country and sector allocations, as well as thematic opportunities.

Risk management is a cornerstone of our process. Assessing the current risk implied by financial markets (economic, political risks) is key. At a portfolio level, depending on the market context and the client’s sensitivity, risk mitigation, strategies can be implemented.

Finally, the instrument selection process: we select and mix between cheaper passive vehicles (index funds and ETFs) and active managers to potentially add extra alpha (return) by outperforming markets. For bonds, we adopt a buy-and-hold strategy via single lines but funds as well for the thematic plays.