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Wealth Management

Asset Allocation

At the core of a robust investment strategy is a thorough asset allocation. Asset allocation is paramount because it is the blueprint for your investment strategy, determining the balance you maintain among various asset classes such as equities, fixed income, or private equity. Your portfolio returns depend mainly on your asset allocation. Generally, studies show that around 80% of your portfolio returns are linked to your asset allocation. Asset classes like fixed income or real estate are less volatile and provide predictable incomes whereas equities are more volatile but provide higher returns in the long term.

Unlike most independent wealth managers, we also offer our clients access to private investments.

Those investments opportunities, usually restricted to only the most sophisticated investors, are complex and require a long-term investments horizon, but they provide the highest returns and help in diversifying your portfolio.

At Capital Y, we work closely with you to craft an asset allocation strategy uniquely tailored to your legal and fiscal constraints, risk tolerance and financial goals.

Our team then follows a methodical investment process. 

Of your portfolio returns are linked to your asset allocation.
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Contrary to wealth managers at large banks, who are incentivized to sell their institution’s funds, our independence enables us to focus solely on your best interests. 

We select only the best assets and do extensive and regular operational due diligence, drawing on the expertise of our specialists Mikaël and Yasmine along with top-tier outside independent analysts.